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Reach Publishers is one of the leading companies in Reach Group, a group of Web sites and specialized web applications in several areas.

The company currently has several websites that meet the needs of various service sectors including education and employment. For example, JobLang, a job-seeker site around the world, provides the researcher's language as one of the fundamentals of employment. Depending on the employer's need for this mechanism, the employer can find the optimal job applicant in terms of qualifications and languages.

Reach Publishers also includes the site and application of Kaleela, designed to teach Arabic, whether it is classical or every day, with all the dialects of the Arab countries for non-Arabic speakers with a new vision and dimension, allowing the learner to master the Arabic language according to the skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking. From elementary to higher levels, through letter and number learning, as well as Arabic language courses.

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